It’s time for change

Travel is our greatest inspiration. That’s why at Novotel Perth Murray Street, we’re making it our mission to give back. These small changes make a big difference in minimising our footprint so we can work towards being a more sustainable hotel.

Read on for more details on sustainable services and facilities available at Novotel Perth Murray Street during your stay and let’s embrace tomorrow together.

Single Use Plastics

We are committed to eliminating single-use plastics from your experience. As part of this commitment and to help conserve the planet’s resources:

  • We have removed plastic water bottles from our guestrooms. Guests can enjoy Perth’s fresh, safe drinking water from the guestroom tap, or fill personal water bottles at complimentary water stations located at the ground level lounge bar (still and sparkling water) or level 12 fitness centre (still water only).
  • Introduction of refillable bathroom amenities by Deep Nature. In addition, these products are 100% natural and free from harmful silicones and mineral oils.
  • Other eco-friendly room and bathroom amenities packaged in recycled paper.

Water & Energy

You can assist us in reducing water and energy consumption by:

  • To save energy and water, we change the sheets every second day of your stay. Place the bed linen card on the bed if you would like us to change the sheets.
  • Reusing your towels to help us make a positive impact on the world. To reuse your towel, kindly place them back on the towel rack. If you would like the towels replaced, please leave them on the bathroom floor.
  • Remove your room key card from the key power socket upon departing your room.
  • Your guest room comes equipped with water flow reducers.
  • Hotel guest floors have automatic sensor lights to save to energy and guestrooms use energy-efficient LED lights.

Sustainable Meetings

At Novotel Perth Murray Street, the following sustainable meetings initiatives assist event organisers in running their events and meetings more sustainably.

  • Plastic Free. Meeting rooms at Novotel are 100% plastic free! There is no one-time-use plastic in the form of individual glasses, bottles or plates. In addition, any plastic in the room is recyclable, shareable and reusable.
  • Share Your Bottle. To strengthen the green meeting philosophy, water is available in big shared jugs. By providing jugs, people are sharing and are not consuming one-time use bottles or glasses, thus avoiding water and plastic waste.
  • A well-designed and recyclable bin is displayed in each meeting room.
  • Sustainable Meetings Toolbox. Your toolbox contains reusable writing instruments and meeting essentials that are designed to be shared, replacing the “one pen and one paper per person” concept. By December 2024 new pens made from recycled paper will also be introduced.
  • Energy Saving. Conference floor and meetings rooms equipped with sensor lighting that turn off automatically when not in use.
  • Saving Trees. Paper flip charts and whiteboards have been replaced by electronic Samsung Flips
  • Food waste. Leftover catering from your event is turned into compost to reduce waste.